High-tech carbon-dating techniques show that the meniscal cartilages do not remodel as you grow older

No detectable remodelling in adult human menisci: an analysis based on the C14 bomb pulse.
Våben C, Heinemeier KM, Schjerling P, et al
British Journal of Sports Medicine. Published Online First: 14 May 2020. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2019-101360

A fascinating recent research study carried out by investigators in Denmark has used Carbon-14 dating techniques to measure the age of collagen fibres within human meniscal cartilages, compared to the age of the individual themselves. The conclusions from this study are that the meniscal cartilages in the knee do not remodel with time, as one grows older. This now gives a clear explanation as to why the meniscal cartilages tend to become degenerate and hence weaker in older people, and why we see so many degenerate meniscal tears in older patients’ knees.

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20 May 2020